Audit & Assurance

Audit and Assurances

Statutory Audits
The firm conducts Statutory Audits of several Public and Private Corporate clients, which are required to be conducted under the provision of The Companies Act, 1956 and various other statutes
Internal Audits
The firm undertakes Internal Audits for various corporates, with the object of bringing in efficiency in the functioning of an enterprise as-well-as in reducing costs. The processes are reviewed and the internal control systems are strengthened.
Bank Audits, Concurrent Audits, Stock Audits, Income Leakage Audits
The firm is extensively involved in conducting of Statutory Bank Branch Audits, Concurrent Audits, Stock Audits, Third Party Audits, Income Leakage Audits, etc. for many Nationalized and Private Sector Banks.
Tax Audits
The firm conducts Tax Audits as prescribed under the provisions of The Income Tax Act, 1961.
Comptroller and Auditors General Audits (CAG)
The firm is empanelled with CAG and has conducted Statutory and Tax Audits for various Government Organisations and Public Sector Undertakings. • Special/Investigative Audits
The firm conducts Concurrent Audits of Clients on behalf of Nationalised Banks for monitoring their performance. The firm conducts audits on behalf of the Office of the Official Liquidator in respect of Amalgamation/Merger of companies.
CSR Review
The firm conducts Corporate Social Responsibility Review of Corporates required to spend the CSR expenditure through implementing agencies or by their self.